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Grout replacement and repair

If you have issues with your grout, we can help

Issues with existing grout in your swimming pool or fountain are very common.  Often if you need your tile cleaned, we will find spots with missing or damaged grout that will only compound your problems over time.  

Swimming pool tile and grout are water proof.  A swimming pool as a structure is basically sealed when if is free from cracks and everything is intact as is should be including the tiles and grout.  IF grout is missing, it can provide a place for the water to permeate the structure and leak out.  The grout holds the tiles in place and keeps the water where it belongs.   If you have missing grout or tiles, these spots can provide water a place to get behind the tile and seep out or pop off other existing tiles becoming and even bigger problem.  

We use all swimming pool and fountain grouts, sanded or unsanded, depending on the application.  The grouts are mixed with acrylic and left to cure for the necessary time  for maximum bonding strength.  We can perform a variety of grout services including :

Grout repair

Grout replacement

Grout rehab

Grout cleaning 

Silicone bond beam repair or replacement

Grout crack filling

We have plethora of colors available

Sanded or unsanded 

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