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Pool Tile, Pebble t​ec, And Fountain Cleaning, calcium hard water deposit removal In Arizona Scottsdale and The Greater Phoenix  Area

Glass bead Blasting

For pebble tec, natural stone, and other hard surfaces, we use a pressure pot with compressed air.  the beads are propelled toward the surface and fracture on impact, taking the calcium with it.

The method and media we use can vary, and will depend on the type of surface (as well as deposits) we are blasting.  We can use just about anything for blasting media, however generally we will use glass Bead on pebble tec and will cause a very  desirable finish without scaring.  The materials used in this process are completely non-toxic and inert; they will not react with the water nor damage any components of your pool, fountain, or water feature.

Our process does not require you to drain your pool, we simply lower your water level down just enough to expose the surface needing to be cleaned, on average just a few inches, and Blast Master can pump out the required amount of water for us to start the cleaning process in mere minutes. When finished blasting your pool tile or stone surfaces, Blast Master removes all “media” from your pool, fountain, or water feature with the use of a special pump and vacuum. We leave you with a sparkling pool that looks as good as it did before we started, minus the ugly calcium line and scum buildup.  After your tile, or pebble Tec has been cleaned Blast Master will apply a sealant to the surface, which helps reduce the amount of future build-up and preserves the beautiful clean look of your pool.

Our Pebble tec Cleaning Process:

glass bead BLASTING OR abrasive media BLASTING

Blast Master Tile provides a quick, safe, and environmentally friendly service that removes calcium, hard water stains, and other build up from tile, pebble Tec, and water features.We utilize two different processes to clean the tile, pebble tec, or natural stone surfaces: