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Fountains and water features are special

why is my water feature so dirty?

Water features are all special.  They all work different and cannot all be treated the same.  We are often asked "Why is my water feature or fountain so dirty?  it seems like I just had it cleaned."  Unfortunately, that is just the nature of water features or fountains.  The water in most areas of Phoenix, Scottsdale, Paradise valley, Peoria, and Chandler is considered hard from the time it comes out of the tap.  With chemical additives that we put into the water for management, dirt and debris, and the high rate of evaporation, fountains are going to get dirty and begin to show lines and mineral deposits relatively very quickly.

The best thing to do is to maintain repairs on the feature so that the fountain works like it is supposed to, and the water is going where it belongs.  The other thing is to have your fountain cleaned regularly, and not wait too long between cleanings to ensure the buildup does not become too severe and cause other problems.

there is no one size fits all method or media for water features or fountains.  generally we will clean the harder natural stone surfaces with glass bead and tile and softer stone surfaces with soda, however every fountain is different and we like to assess fountains on a case by case basis.

Pool Tile, Pebble t​ec, And Fountain Cleaning, calcium hard water deposit removal In Arizona Scottsdale and The Greater Phoenix  Area

Fountain and Water

Feature Cleaning

fountain and water feature cleaning is a speciality that takes a lot of skill and equipment to master.  water features all vary in buildup, flow pattern, surface, and hardness.